Genworth Increases Term Rates

Genworth Increases Term Rates

As a result of this change, planned premiums will increase an average of 5% with Genworth. Genworth should maintain its competitive position in this ever-changing pricing landscape. The bulletin will have all of the information in reference to the reprice and the transition rules. Below are the key dates to remember.

 Key Dates Below:

  •  Monday, 8/27 – Our Term Life Quoting Engine & WinFelx Web will reflect the new rates.
  • Friday, 9/14 – Final date to receive applications in Genworth’s home office
  • Saturday, 9/15 – Applications received in Genworth’s home office on or after will receive new rates
  • Friday, 9/21 – Final date for NY Reg 60 applications and LQR/iLQR (submitted prior to 8/27) to be received in Genworth’s home office

Genworth – Rate Increase Bulletin 08-24-2012

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