Genworth Postpones CA Long-Term Care Launch

Genworth Postpones CA Long-Term Care Launch

On April 15, 2013, Genworth implemented a new Long Term Care insurance underwriting and case management workflow in conjunction with the launch of Privileged Choice® Flex 2 and underwriting changes. As you are aware, Genworth has encountered issues in transitioning to their new workflow, causing delays in processing new applications.

Genworth sincerely regrets the processing delays and understands the challenges these delays present to your business and to you personally. Please know Genworth remains committed to resolving these issues as quickly as possible.

Genworth previously announced that Genworth planned to return to the California long term care insurance market on July 1st. At this time, their quality of service is not at an acceptable level that allows them to execute their California launch. The combination of large volumes of applications, recent product and underwriting changes, and systems performance are pressuring their ability to provide acceptable service. Putting more volume into the current service situation will only put additional pressure on their ability to provide the service standard our agents deserve.

Consequently, Genworth will postpone their return to California for 30 days, and they anticipate launching on August 1, 2013. Genworth will allow a limited number of Retail agents to sell in California starting on July 1st to test the service experience and determine when it has improved. If Genworth is satisfied with their performance and can provide a high quality of service with consistently stable systems, then Genworth will return earlier than 30 days. Genworth has a responsibility to you and your new clients, to their existing clients, to provide high quality service.

Genworth sincerely thanks you for your patience and for all you do for your clients and for Genworth. Please reach out to IMS Associate with your questions. We will continue to provide updates as Genworth works through these issues.