Genworth LTC Launches CA Sales

Genworth LTC Launches CA Sales

Genworth LTC is pleased to announce the launch of Privileged Choice® Flex (Flex) and Privileged Choice Flex Partnership (Flex Partnership) in California on August 1, 2013.

At this time, we do not have an approved brochure or illustration for Flex Partnership. On launch day, you will have a Producer Only illustration for Flex Partnership. Since it is not approved by California Partnership, it cannot be shared with consumers.

Modular DesignPrivileged Choice Flex has built-in flexibility so you can design a long term care insurance plan that matches your clients’ needs, whether that means maximizing their coverage or minimizing their premium.

“Now” BenefitsPrivileged Choice Flex includes two innovative features that provide policyholders and their families with access to helpful tools, resources and support “Now” without having to go on claim.

  • Live+WellSM A wellness program powered by Mayo Clinic provides policyholders and their uninsured spouse/partner online access to health-related tools, services and information.
  • Caregiver Support Services Provided by CareScout®, a Genworth company, can help insureds identify care resources that may be needed for aging parents or other family members.

Shared Coverage: Couples may select the Shared Coverage Benefit, which provides the ability to combine each individual’s Coverage Maximum to pay for covered long term care expenses. The Shared Coverage guarantee ensures that both have access to at least half of their original (or subsequently reduced) Coverage Maximums, even if the other spouse/partner has used most or even all of their shared benefits.

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