Insurance Leads

Insurance Leads

Our quality proven Life and Mortgage Insurance Leads will show you:

  • How to earn more and work less
  • How to double and triple your income
  • How not to worry about prospecting
  • How to be successful like hundreds of other agents nationwide

IMS presents to you its pre-qualified lead program, a refreshing new source of creative leads that makes you feel comfortable. It’s powerful, complete, simple and will help you reach your sales goals.

We specialize in direct response vehicles that are remarkable for their originality and successful results. One of the first things you will probably notice at the onset of our relationship is that we are a creative group with strong business-like discipline.

Because of the unique originality of our leads, you’ll have the upper edge over the competition and we deliver on time.

The results? Fresh leads that win!

We have been a singular source with over 22 years of experience in lead generation, which you can call upon anytime.

Furthermore, if you are tired of trying to produce your own leads or do not have leads for production, let us help you.

We are confident that you will be glad you’ve found us. So, the bottom line is we will help you down the road. You may place your business with the company of your choice. We also guarantee that you will receive the original lead card returned by the prospect in his or her own handwriting.

Due to popular demand, leads are limited in some areas. Please call us before ordering so we may check the availability in your area.

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