“After trying several lead generating companies, I was glad to find IMS. The quality of the leads and great customer service is making my job easier as well as more profitable. After a year of purchasing leads from IMS I have seen a dramatic increase in the number and size of my sales.”

Kristen Kroeger – Irvine, CA

“I want to thank you for providing a service which has made the largest impact to my budding career in financial planning. Specifically, I am referring to the life and mortgage data cards. I have been working for just about a year now and have made more money from your cards than all of my other efforts combined.”

Chris Hudgens – Saint Petersburg, FL

“IMS supports the career agent like no other lead company. Their customer service is superior and their leads offer agents the opportunity to cross sell multiple product lines.”

Melanie Wohlwend – Downers Grove, IL

“I have used IMS leads for some time now, and am satisfied that they get sales for me. Results: I will continue with their services.”
Richard McLean – Dallas, TX

“IMS Leads have been an excellent supplement to my current book of business. If developed properly, an agent can expect 4:1 to 5:1 return on investment. A minimum order should be about 20/moth yielding an extra 25-30,000.”

Marshall L. Howard – Irvine, California

“I have been a customer of IMS for 9 years and the mortgage leads has worked very nicely for me in insurance sales. Best of all, I enjoyed the personality & support I received. The prices on the leads are lower than most marketing companies and I’m very satisfied.”

Philip Jee – El Monte, California

“Over the years I have tried just about every lead program abailable. Some were better than others, but no service compares to IMS. You have provided a consistent flow of leads in a timely manner, which has helped me tremendously in many ways. The main way is “stress relief”. What I mean by this is that I don’t have to worry about the lead flow, which creates sales, which in turn brings in the income.
Keep up the good work! Thanks.”

David Lawson – Lake Forest, Florida

“IMS has provided a stable, steady and quality supply of leads for me since 1987. Because of their efforts, I will no longer wonder where my next prospect or appointment will come from. I just look in my mail box.”

Scott Friedman – Woodland, California