Lead FAQs

Lead FAQs

What makes IMS leads better than others?
Experience, we have been generating Life & Mortgage Leads for over 25 years. Our lead generation techniques provide well qualified and timely leads.

Are IMS leads fresh?
Yes, as we receive the leads from prospects, we send them to our agents ASAP.

Do you duplicate these leads?
Never, we guarantee that you are the only one who is receiving IMS Lead piece.

How do you produce your leads?
Direct Mail & Internet. Unlike telemarketing leads, IMS Leads are Direct Mail returned by the prospect in their own handwriting.

Do you give credit for a bad lead?
Yes, if you receive a lead without a telephone number, disconnected number or ages over 75, you will get full credit for that lead.

How is your customer service?
Very courteous. In fact our customer service is the reason that many agents have been ordering leads from IMS for many years.

Do you guarantee I receive all the leads I order?
Yes, no matter how many mailers it takes, we guarantee to deliver all your leads or refund you for the difference.

What is the average sales ratio?
Based on our agents feedback, on the average they make approximately 4-6 appointments for every 10 leads they receive. They make 2-3 sales out of those appointments.

What is the average premium for IMS leads?
Per our agents, it is approximately $800 to $1,000 per-policy per-year.

Do you have training material?
Yes, we have a telephone script on our website under “training”

Are IMS leads in compliance with the new “Privacy Laws”?
Yes, our list are scrubbed against “Do Not Call” List numerous times, so you do not have to worry about the “Do Not Call” List.